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Purchase a copy of the Blu-ray disc box collection for your child to be eligible to help us out with narrations!

Scene situation: A child (narrator) asks Shohei Ohtani a single question at a school

To be qualified the child must be/have:

1) 14 years old or younger as of the purchase date.

2) Native English speaker

3) Permission from a parent/guardian
**Children must apply before March 3rd, 2019
Application Process:
In order for a child to be eligible, you, as their parent/guardian, must purchase a preorder of the Blu-ray Disc set. You should receive an order number when you preorder, “Shohei Ohtani Two-Way Phenom, 5 Year Rise to Stardom” on Shoheiohtanidisk.com. Upon interest in the role, please send us your information via the message box at the bottom of the website. Such information should include:
  • order number
  • parent/guardian name
  • Child’s name
  • e-mail address
After we have collected a pool of applicants, we will select 20 candidates through a lottery-type process. We will then send out an audition application to the selected candidates on March 4th, 2019, which will require the applicant to submit a video/audio file that consists of a sentence long narration of our choosing. (This should be done with either a smartphone or PC) Please return the audition application to us via email by March 8th, 2019. Any production expense will not be subsidized or compensated. We will select one child’s narration out of the 20 candidates to use for a small portion of the production.
**While this is not a paid role, the winner will receive an exclusive golden postcard with their Blu-ray box set collection they ordered. The rest of the 19 candidates will receive a silver postcard.
**We will not use the sound/video data submitted to us for any use other than the initial narration as described. Any personal information will not be copied, transformed or sent to any third party whatsoever.